Import post list

1) Add a new website

2) Go to Websites -> (your website)

3) Go to “Topic Research” -> “Planned Posts”

4) Click on the “Import” button

5) In the “CSV Import” popup, click on the “CSV Template” link to download the template

6) Open the downloaded “planned-posts.csv” file in Excel or Google Sheets.

7) Copy your post data from your external list into the csv template. Columns “Search Query”, “Title”, “Post Length” and “Status” are required.

8) Go back to the “CSV Import” popup in the application and click the “Choose File” button.

9) Select your template file containing your post list on your computer, click “Open” then “Import”.

10) The posts in your csv list should now appear in the Planned Posts view, and a new Search Topic should have been created for each post as well (they should appear in the Search Topics view).

11) If you encounter an import error, troubleshoot it.