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What is Bloggerplot?

An Online Tool For Content Marketers

Bloggerplot provides free tools to support your topic research, topic selection, and content publishing process for your niche/authority sites. It also has valuable traffic analysis tools to help you zoom in and expand on your most profitable content.

Planning & tracking

Bloggerplot main features

Topic research

Easily manage your topic research process and harvested keywords for each individual income website.

Content planning

Select which content to produce based on your own criteria. Track and manage your target post list and published content.

Traffic analysis

Track post performance over time without logging into Analytics. Compare post traffic with your topic research data.

Revenue tracking

Track your revenues for each content site. Know your RPM per revenue source so as to focus on top earners.

Easy import

Import your keyword and post list from an existing site in just one click. Schedule periodical import of your future posts.

Unique insights

Get simple but powerful insights at both website and post levels. Set up alerts for important traffic and ranking metrics.

Traffic & rankings data

Just enough Google data

Lost in the ocean of data found in your Google Analytics and Search Console? Bloggerplot extracts just the essential data you need to identify your best-performing content and your content-building opportunities. Traffic Analysis views designed specifically for niche/authority/income site builders.

P24 Dashboard
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Frequently Asked Questions

The following are some of the questions we get the most often.

Bloggerplot is meant for any content marketer who builds niche/authority websites for the purpose of attracting traffic and generating income.

Keyword/search topic research and selection, content production and publication, traffic performance, and monetization are some of the processes P24 Dashboard supports.

Bloggerplot has both free and paid features. The free ones are significant and include, for each website, all of the Search Analysis part as well as the main Traffic Analysis view.

Premium features offer more detailed and advanced traffic/rankings data views with deeper insights. However, the free features offer solid value of their own, and many users don’t feel the need for premium.

Bloggerplot was started based on Income School’s Project24 ™ process for building a successful website, a highly effective and proven approach that has led dozens of members to achieve part-time or full-time income in a short time through their content sites.

Bloggerplot is not affiliated with Income School, but was co-founded by a member of the Project24 ™ community to help members track their progress across the 60 steps of the process. Since then, Bloggerplot has evolved to include tools beyond the scope of Project24 but has remained faithful to the key principles of the approach.

Learn more about Income School’s Project24 ™ here.

Bloggerplot is a powerful tool designed for content marketers in general. Though it has its roots in Project24(TM), it’s a valuable application for any kind of content site building approach.

Bloggerplot allows you to track your keywords, content, and performance data, no matter HOW you do your keyword research, write your content posts, and build your traffic.

That said, if you’re new to building income websites, do yourself a favor! Go take a look at Income School’s Project24 ™ .

You can utilize Bloggerplot for various aspects of the website building process. You can choose to ony use the (free) Search Analysis features for managing your keywords and planned and published posts.

If you also want to use the great Traffic Analysis views for your sites, you must first allow Bloggerplot to pull data from your Google Analytics and Search Console. This requires you to sign into your Google account and authorize access, so only you have access to your data. More about data privacy here.

Bloggerplot is a content website planning and tracking tool, it supports your work for building profitable websites. Acquiring the necessary skills for creating successful sites – finding and selecting the right topics, writing posts that rank in Google, promoting your content effectively, monetizing your sites, etc, is of course beyond the scope of the tool itself.

If you have (or are learning) the above skills, however, Bloggerplot can help speed up your success by giving you a crystal clear view of where you are in the process, what content is performing, and what are the opportunities for growth.

What People Say About The Tool

User Feedback

I’ve been using your tool exclusively, now. It really is a phenomenal help and really helps my topic research feel more organized and solid. The analysis tabs and drilldowns are just so relevant and useful. 

Peter M.User

The auto-import feature is a game-changer for me for this application.
You have implemented so many great features!!! I absolutely love the post level stats!

April L.User

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