What is P24 Dashboard?

Web-based tool for content marketers & bloggers

P24 Dashboard provides planning and tracking tools to support your SEO topic research, topic selection, and post creation process for niche/authority sites. It includes highly effective traffic and ranking analysis views which allow you to zero in on and expand your most profitable blog content.

Global view

See at a glance how your niche websites are doing

Get a single snapshot with all the essential traffic metrics and content production stats for your websites in one place.

Topic Research

Collect, manage, sort, and select search topics

The Topic Research area lets you collect and manage the list of potential Google search topics you will target in your posts on a website. List your topic ideas along with important information such as estimated volume and competition. Easily add or remove topics to and from your planned posts.

Website snapshot

Monitor your content production over time

For each of your websites, get an instant view of your published content distribution in terms of maturity (time since published) and post length

Content tracking

Manage your published posts

See your published post list for each niche site. The view lists your posts with their maturity, category, post length, and any search and competition data you’ve added. Each post is associated with its target search topic. Track your update history for each post.

Traffic Analysis

Track your website performance over time

View pageviews, sessions, organic searches, rankings, click-through rates for all posts in your website alongside your topic research data (maturity, post length, category etc), providing valuable insights into your topic research performance.

Traffic Analysis

Monitor traffic & ranking changes for your posts

Track traffic and ranking variations over time for all posts in a given website. Set time frames, sort by post maturity and amount of variation amount. Get variation alerts based on thresholds you specify.

Search query Analysis

Analyze top queries for more content opportunities

See the list of search queries searchers type in Google to find a post, along with the clicks, impressions, click-through rate for each query. Find queries people search for but which are not yet well-covered in your content. Add a query to your planned posts in just one click.


Easily track earnings and RPM for each niche website

Track your earnings by revenue source for each niche website. Follow earnings progression over time as well as RPM (revenue per 1000 views) globally, by source, and over time.

Feature List

Search Topics Management

Topic research

Build and manage your keyword list for each website. Manage categories. Optional record estimated search volume & competition. Click & Edit, advanced filters.

Published Post List

Content production

Quickly see your published posts with maturity, category, post style. Record publish date, word count. Track post update history.

Traffic Analysis View

Traffic analysis

See pageviews, sessions, organic searches, rankings & CTR for all posts in your website along with production data such as maturity, post length, category etc.

Customized Main dashboard

My dashboard

Change the order in which your websites are listed. Selected metrics and timeframes selections are saved in between sessions.

GA/GSC data

Traffic analysis

View traffic & rankings for all the URLs in your website (not just posts) by connecting directly to your Analytics, without using your Published Post list.

Detailed Post Traffic Analysis

Traffic analysis

Get full insights for each post including publish data, traffic & ranking data, change vs last period, traffic graph over time, top search queries for the post.

Traffic Change Analysis

Traffic analysis

Track traffic and ranking variations over time for all posts in a given website. Set time frame, sort by post maturity and amount of variation amount.

Traffic By Category Analysis

Traffic analysis

View key traffic data by content category, including pageviews, sessions, and organic, alongside category average maturity, wordcount, post type etc.

Planned Post List

Topic research

Build your target post list for a website. Add topics, craft an SEO title with the right length. Choose your target post length & style.

One-click WP Import

Post data import

Instantly import your post list from an existing WordPress website in one click. Topic list and planned posts are auto-created on the fly.

Avg pageviews by maturity

Traffic analysis

Instantly see average pageviews per post for posts of specified age, e.g. posts 1 month or older, 6 months or older, 12 months or old etc.

Search Queries by post

Traffic analysis

List of search queries users type in Google to find your post, along with impressions, clicks, and CTR. Easily add a query to your topics & planned posts.

Post update history

Content production

Track the updates made to all the posts in a given websites. Monitor the impact of each update on post traffic.

Scheduled WP auto-import

Post data import

Schedule Dashboard to automatically import your new post and topic data from your WordPress site at defined regular time interval e.g. daily or weekly.

Traffic change alerts

Traffic analysis

Set up variation thresholds for post traffic and/or rankings in a website. Enable alerts to see posts that cross the threshold in given timeframe.

Earnings & RPM Tracking


Track your earnings by revenue source for each niche site. See earnings progression over time and RPM overall, by source, and over time.